Nonviolent and Effective Communication enables you to get the best out of the other and yourself in every relationship. It supports you in being balanced and confident in your work and private life. During the introduction evening, I will give you a taste of how this works.
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Introduction evening Nonviolent and Effective Communication


Are you interested in Nonviolent and Effective Communication but are still wondering how it could help you? Then don’t be shy and come to the Introduction Evening!

The introduction Evening is a 2-hour mini-training. Here you will experience what Nonviolent and Effective Communication means and whether it will suit you. It may also help you to choose between the various training courses and workshops, personal coaching, mediation or intervision/peer review that I offer. You will notice that you will go home inspired and energized.

“Govert really inspired me during the introduction training and in a short time gave us useful insights about Nonviolent and Effective Communication in general and my own role in it.” -Irene Buijing

For Whom

The Introduction Evening is for those who are interested in Nonviolent and Effective Communication and who want to be inspired by the possibilities for personal growth and who are considering taking a training course or workshop.

“The intro evening brought me what I had hoped for. I went there feeling a positive vibe and went home with even more positive energy. I have become very curious to explore what this can bring me and look forward to the training.” – Saskia Grooten


The introduction evening is a 2-hour mini-training given a few times a year from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

You can choose from the following starting dates and locations:


This introduction evening is free. I only ask for a contribution to cover the expenses of this evening when you participate for the first time. You pay a one-time 20, – euro and on top of that, you can bring someone else for free. If after attending an introduction evening you register for a training or workshop, you will receive a 20, – euro discount.

After this introduction evening, you will know more about Nonviolent and Effective Communication and what it can mean for you.

“Immediately during the introduction evening, I really had the feeling that the penny had dropped for me. I felt touched because it seemed like the examples Govert gave were really about me. It immediately wanted more. Govert has the ability to put participants at ease and to create an open and pleasant atmosphere.” – Lidi van Thuijl


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