Free e-book: Always a great conversation
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Free e-book: Always a great conversation

Dealing with conflict in (professional) relationships
Always a great conversation? Is it possible? How do you deal with conflict? Perhaps your experience with conflict is that it is difficult, undermines confidence and faith in each other and has a negative effect on cooperation, effectiveness and productivity. But it does not have to be this way, and that’s what this book is about.

E-book Always a great conversationIf the business we do together doesn’t run as smoothly as we would like it is important that we can hold each other accountable in a respectful manner and without having a negative impact on the relationship. I would even go as far as to suggest that if you are able discuss conflicts in a respectful manner it not only will deepen the relationship you have but also increase the sense of the fun you have in working together. Conflicts with each other As a result of this you will also see a rise in efficiency, productivity and creativity. Learn how you ..

  • determine the right attitude to create a great conversation;
  • increase confidence in each other in a business relationship;
  • can speak without blaming or criticizing;
  • you deal with accountability;
  • deal with intense emotions;
  • discover what motivates others.

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Govert van Ginkel

This article is written by Govert van Ginkel. Govert specializes in Nonviolent and Effective Communication and is active in this field as a trainer, speaker, coach, and mediator. More information about Govert can be found here. The current training offer can be found here


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