A summary of references clients have given.
Jeroen Hoogendoorn
Experienced Biology teacher at Cals College Nieuwegein

“My ability to express myself verbally has been increased by the training. I have extended my vocabulary! During the training I also learned how we can connect with each other’s needs and from there, how we each can meet our own needs best. I can use this both at work and at home. I now have a better picture of what is going on in my life and it is making it easier to come up with solutions that work well for everyone. Govert is professionally competent, has a clear vocabulary and meets the needs of the group and the individual. He has a pacifying energy and is trustworthy. The way he responds to my world makes it an example that is directly applicable to my work and private life.”

Saskia Brull
Ambulatory Object Supervisor at Hago Zorg B.V.

“Remembering where I was at the beginning of the training and where I am now, I must say I have experienced a very positive development of myself. I have also started to appreciate myself better and feel more comfortable in conversations. I have started to see how much I influence I can have on what is happening around me and in a positive way. During this training, you develop as a person and are guided in a professional way to a higher level of consciousness.”

Eric Souren
Life Coach, walking coach and systemic facilitator at Transformation Coaching

“I got to know Govert as a high-class trainer with an outstanding performance in presentation, facilitation, one to one, communication, expertise, interpersonal, assertiveness and team working.

His way of sharing the principles of Nonviolent Communication inspires me and his way of managing activities, eliciting contributions and learning helped me to grow into a deeper understanding of others and myself, boosted my skills in efficiently connecting with others, deepen meaning in conversations and effectively preventing and managing conflicts.

I’m delighted with the new knowledge and skills gained. Carrying the ‘present’ of understanding and connecting people in depth, I would recommend it to all layers of society; to professionals in order to broaden their skills and expertise as well as to each individual in order to enrich family & social life.”

Mirna van der Veen

“I participated in Goverts’ non-violent communication beginner course and have got to know Govert as a calm, smart and witty expert in communication strategies. He shared his knowledge well organized and with a wonderful sense of humor. By providing many different assignments for each of the participants individually and the group as a whole I gained many new insights in my own modes of communication and their effect on my surroundings. I have found valuable new ways to express myself in ways that will be of greater satisfaction to me as a sender and as a receiver. Never knew I could learn so much in only 4 days.”


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In-company training and accredited
company training

For companies, Govert offers customized training to suit your specific needs. Govert also provides accredited (in-company) training for mediators, interpreters, and other professionals.

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Govert van Ginkel provides services for a number of companies, among which:

  • ING
  • SNS
  • P&O Ferries
  • Statoil
  • NVNF
  • WBV Hoek van Holland
  • Welzijn Divers
  • Bellissima
  • GGD
  • Arcus College
  • Brandweer