Useful downloads that will help you practice Nonviolent and Effective Communication.


Always a great conversation

Always a great conversation, is it possible? I assume that you can remember conversations that were not that great or even awful and this makes you doubt if it is possible. Maybe the title of this e-book has made you curious and hopeful because it is what you really want: Always a great conversation!


Feelings card

The feelings card can help you to more specifically express what is going on in you. Expanding your vocabulary is an important part of effective communication, nonviolent communication and emotional intelligence.


Needs card

The needs card can help you to more specifically express what is going on in you. All your feelings are important and are indicators for your needs. Expanding your vocabulary is an important part of effective communication, nonviolent communication and emotional intelligence.


The Courage to Change

This article is about personal development and the journey it took for me to be where I am now. A story about reflection and personal change through all the ups and downs of life.


Shared Power in Community: Regenerative Capacity and system blindness

What is the origin of conflict and what does it mean. As a lawyer I started to question the way in which we share power and have been curious ever since if there was a better solution to restore balance in our communities. So, let's talk about co-creation and what it takes.


Inspiring films

People often ask me advice about which films could inspire them when it comes to personal development, Nonviolent and Effective Communication. I hope this dowload with films I enjoyed will inspire you too!


EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

When you experience strong emotions it is easy to loose your cool and clarity of purpose. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is an easy to learn process that helps you to quickly recover your emotional balance.


Giraf diary

Gratitude may be something we do not pay attention to often enough. The giraf diary will help you to focus more often on the things that are of value in your life. By writing them down in you Giraf Diary you become more conscious of how much good there is and it takes you out of the rut of every day life.


Empathic and needs based coaching of your client

Have you noticed how part of someone’s problem is always emotional and part of the way they see and react to life? Convincing people to see things differently doesn’t work that well and often changes little. So what is empathic and needs based coaching of your client?


Crossing Rivers

Crossing Rivers is a group game I use to help people understand group dynamics, choices that are made and reveal the underlying thinking formed in the system they grew up in that either support or block connection and collaboration.


The sense of a goose

Did you know that geese fly in formation on purpose and that it offers many benefits? Certainly something we can learn from when it comes to human relationships and cooperation.


The Lakota Way

The Lakota Way is a story about perseverance found among the Lakota First Nations. Life is not always easy. What does it take to stay the course? We can learn much from the wisdom of the first tribes.


Path with a heart

From “the teachings of Don Juan”, By Carlos Castanada. The story teaches us about how a choice of mindset can influence our lives. Are you conscious of yours?


A city with a heart

When asked what I appreciate most about a city, what comes to me is when it has a heart. A city with a heart draws people together and is a source of joy. A city without it can be depressing for those who live there. So, to me, that is also the interesting question we face today: When does a city have a heart and how do we nourish it in such a way that it creates well-being?



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