For whom?

Nonviolent and Effective Communication is for everyone who wants to get the most out of their life and relationships. The method gives you practical tools for all forms of communication. In both private and work situations, it ensures that relationships continue to run smoothly and help you can achieve your goals with greater ease.  You are able to learn how to have a positive impact in every situation. Govert van Ginkel also offers training courses for companies that improve communication and team effectiveness.


What you will get out of it…


  • You’ll communicate more effectively;
  • You’ll learn to connect with your inner self and with others;
  • You’ll understand better what motivates people.

As a manager

  • How to inspire your team and fulfill a coaching role;
  • Getting people to flow with you;
  • To stimulate creativity and inventiveness in people;
  • You will have an emphatic connection with stakeholders.

For teams

  • Improved collaboration in an enjoyable atmosphere;
  • More effective meetings with better results;
  • A shared understanding through an improved communication process.
  • "Govert knows how to activate the desired behavior in a group, and does so in an appealing way using stimulating exercises."

    - Peter

  • "The content of this training gives me concrete tools and is very effective, not only for me personally but I also can apply it at work."

    - Jason

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About the trainer

What people appreciate about me is the safe environment I create. This gives them the courage to open up and brings them the opportunity to further develop themselves. They appreciate my own openness and this gives them the confidence that I am sincere in what I say and do.

Participants appreciate my patience and feel understood by me. I also know how to confront and stimulate them with humour. This inspires people to take the next step in their own development. The clarity with which I speak on this subject brings others the insights they were looking for.

Govert also offers Coaching and mediation


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In-company training and accredited
company training

For companies, Govert offers customized training to suit your specific needs. Govert also provides accredited (in-company) training for mediators, interpreters, and other professionals.

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Govert van Ginkel provides services for a number of companies, among which:

  • ING
  • Brandweer Brabant