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Are you at a crossroads in your life and are you finding it hard to make a new choice? Or perhaps you want clarity about what you feel. Perhaps you are experiencing a conflict in your relationship with someone. Or maybe you are not sure how to deal with someone else’s emotions. You could be just looking for more balance in your life. In these situations, I can offer support that helps you to create a clarity within you with which allows you to move forward again. I can also help when you have a problem or are experiencing something your environment doesn’t understand how to deal with properly. You choose coaching when you find yourself somewhat stuck or not progressing, as you would like and want to get back in flow again.

You will work on being able to fully be and express yourself. We will continue to build on that. When I offer coaching, I will work with you on the basis of an equal relationship. Together we will roll up our sleeves and get to work, very hands-on and coach you to find a solution for yourself that will work. We will use tools, processes, and methods that find their origin Nonviolent Communication, NLP, Shadow Work, Voice Dialogue and Neuro Stress Release.


Mediation sees all parties involved in a conflict as equal and gives no preference to anyone or to any specific view, interest or position. In the mediation process, stakeholders are supported in finding a solution that means a win for all. This starts with exploring the facts. As a mediator, I have an active role in this and I help stakeholders to communicate in a more effective way. The resulting transformation creates new insights and possibilities for all parties. As a mediator, I offer impartial guidance and support in arriving at a satisfactory result.

Mediation takes place  at a neutral location in the vicinity of the parties involved.

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