Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Mediator and Executive Coach.

What distinguishes me as a professional

What people appreciate about me is the safe environment I create. Because they feel understood by me, they dare to open up and explore what is possible and develop themselves further. People experience my sincerity through my authenticity, openness and by what I say and do. This is how I set an example. I also know how to confront and stimulate people with humour. In addition, I am clear and straightforward in what I say. I help people to quickly gain the insight they were looking for.

When working with me, you learn how to exert a unique positive influence on your own situation and environment: discover your personal values, get to know them and live accordingly. For me, these are authenticity, integrity, and accountability.
Because I experience a direct responsibility for what I say and do, I like a pragmatic approach. I am willing to try everything and am not afraid to let go of what doesn’t really work. As a result, I keep on growing and the training I offer remains at a top level.

Why I became a trainer?

At the beginning of my career as a corporate lawyer, I soon realized that offering training to the people I worked with would often help them better in their work concerns. I saw how it would be more helpful to support colleagues and clients by offering them more insight and teaching them to find more effective and sustainable solutions themselves instead of just solving their individual problems over and over again. I enjoy offering people a lasting solution rather than a quick fix so that they will have the long-term benefits of spending time with me. Besides that, I enjoyed the playfulness of offering training and the interaction and positive atmosphere of learning and growth it created. In the end, it made my work as a lawyer easier and more interesting as I was able to use my skills where they were best applied. Over time, I became more and more fascinated by the work of a trainer and the possibilities that good communication brings.
I eventually continued as a trainer, which I do not regret to this day. For me, it gives purpose and meaning to life. Supporting people’s personal growth I see as my contribution to a happy and peaceful future. I believe that when we free ourselves from the limiting beliefs we were taught, we can all have a unique positive influence on each other.

Meanwhile, I have been working for more than 30 years as an (international) trainer, author, mediator, and coach. I think it will never get boring!


LL.M. title in Dutch Law, Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified trainer for the International Institute for Restorative Practices, facilitator Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and facilitator for Restorative Circles, former chairman of The Mankind Project foundation in the Netherlands and facilitator for Shadow work. I am also an accredited intervisor/peer reviewer for the Institute for Mediation and Family and Inheritance Law Training IMFO / vFAS.

Before I worked as a trainer, coach, and mediator, I was a lawyer specialized in employment law and HRM, I was Manager of a Legal Affairs department, chairman of an Industrial Tribunal, chairman and member of various committees on the topics of employment and social insurance law, chairman of a disciplinary committee and author for a legal magazine.

Various trainings I offer are accredited by the Mediators Federation Netherlands, KIWA, IMFO / vFAS, the IIRP and the BTV office for interpreters and translators registered with the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators


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