NVC / Compassionate and Effective Communication enables you to get the best out of the other and yourself in every relationship. It supports you in being balanced and confident in your work and private life. During the training I show you how this works.
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Interactive on-line Basic Training NVC/Compassionate Communication Continued


Have you become even more interested in NVC / Compassionate, and Effective Communication after taking the Day 1 training? You will find days 2-4 very useful to learn and be able to practice more. The 1-day Basic Training you did is the first part of a 4-day training. The first day you learned the steps that are the basis for more compassionate and effective communication. In the other 3 days, we will build on this.

What will you be learning in days 2-4?

Taking the 1-day training you have set the first steps on a life-changing path which you will continue in days 2-4. We will use the nine 2-hour online sessions this takes to explore how to create effective and compassionate communication, what to avoid, develop our empathetic skills, and emotional intelligence. An important part is to learn how to be empathic towards others and ourselves. A compassionate connection with others develops from a compassionate connection with ourselves within (which we often forget).

You may not always get what you want (strategy) but you will increase the probability of meeting your needs when you become clearer in your communication. It will have a profound effect on your relationships and your opportunities to laugh and work together. Practicing is mostly about becoming proficient in applying what you learned.

It is super practical! I really liked this format of having time in between sessions to digest and this training was valuable and meaningful to me.” – Beth, Canada

For Whom

This online interactive continued Basic Training is for those who participated in the online 1 day Basic Training and who felt it already made a difference in their lives. If you want to be inspired by the possibilities for personal growth than the continued training will do so.

During this interactive on-line basic training NVC / Compassionate Communication, Govert will show you the theory behind NVC / Compassionate Communication and how you to apply this in your life. You will work together on exercises in small Zoom breakout groups to get better at expressing what you are doing and trying to achieve and how to inform others of your intent. Obviously you want to speak in a way that your message gets across in such a way that it creates understanding and increases the chances for collaboration! This requires practice and you will notice that at the end of each session you will already have much more clarity for yourself. By looking at all of this with a sense of humor you will find it easier to assimilate what you learn.

The one thing that has come out of this is that there has been practical immediate application of this knowledge shared. It has been delivered in a way that is easily digestible and the delivery in pieces online over time has made it easier to apply the information. The knowledge that you can experiment and then come back to the group in the next session to talk about it is useful. I felt it was confronting but in a good way and I will need to reflect on this more. I’ve also realized that there is lots more to talk about and I am interested in having more sessions.” – Julie, The Netherlands


Dates 2020

The participants and trainer will together pick the dates and times this training will be held on. These dates will be posted as they become available. The next continued Basic Training starts on October 7th 2020 at 5 pm CET. Each session is 2 hours long and there are 9 sessions so the dates are: Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov 3, 10, 17, 24, Dec 1st.

I now have a tool that is easy and helpful in conversations.
– Inge, The Netherlands


Price: Not €410,00 but € 350.00 p.p!

“This is real! It works! This is real for me, not theoretical. I am interested in doing more and enjoy this format that enables me taking this training while being in another country.” – Andrés, France

For mediators MfN accreditation 18 PE Cat 1 possible at the additional cost of €81,07 the MfN charges.

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