Do you want life to be more exciting? Finally something else than tiresome or boring conversations? No more situations where it seems people are just ships passing in the night? Do you want to feel engaged? That’s certainly possible!
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Always a great conversation


Sometimes you feel stuck spending time with someone and not knowing what to say. Say you are at a birthday, for example, sitting next to someone you vaguely know, or at work waiting standing in line with colleagues for the printer or the coffee machine to be finished. Or worse: at home, you feel you have nothing to say to each other anymore.

Sometimes it is just awkward because even though you like the other person you just don’t want to say anything. The reason: you think you have no idea what to talk about. And another uncomfortable situation: starting an interesting conversation and keeping it going. A conversation about the weather is soon finished and not very inspiring. But where to start instead?

In this workshop, you’ll work on finding interesting topics and create engaging conversations. You will learn how to quickly build trust and keep the conversation going in a pleasant way. With this, you will be able to have a good conversation more often and thus improve the connection with people you talk to.

“Very instructive training! It tought me how to see and hear things differently – from a different perspective – and be more effective in all areas, both business and private.” I have “grown”! Thank you! ” – Rob van Dijk

For Whom

This workshop is intended for anyone who is looking for tools to be able to conduct and initiate better conversations, to experience more connection and fun together.


This training is given several times a year. Each training day lasts from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. When registering you indicate which start date you choose.

You can choose from the following start dates and locations:

At this moment, no date is available. Contact us to be kept informed.


For this workshop, you pay € 165, -. For this, you get extensive knowledge, insight and valuable exercises during a whole day, including coffee, tea, and lunch. At the end of the workshop, you will know how to create and sustain great conversations.

With the manual you receive, you will be able to go over the material at your leisure later.

This training is exempt from sales tax for training in The Netherlands. In Canada, GST will be added

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