Anger is a special emotion that few people know what to do with. In this workshop, you learn to better analyze your own and other people's anger, so that you can continue the relationship with a positive feeling.
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Better be angry better


Everyone is angry at times. Some are quicker or more often than others. Some hide it, which makes it hard to spot. While with others there is no doubt about it. Often you will feel blindsided by the anger of others or yourself when it seems to erupt spontaneously. The intensity of anger may make it difficult to respond appropriately at the moment. Yet you can learn to deal better with this strong emotion. Doing so will make you feel more confident in your relationships.

Anger is a signal for something and always has meaning. So better be angry better than not saying anything and keeping it in. In this workshop, you will learn how to deal with anger in a positive way and it starts by learning to understand what anger is about.

This creative and active workshop is a composed of theory, a demonstration, exercise and group cooperation. You will get tools and be inspired.

“Because of the workshop, I gained more insight into conflict-avoiding behavior versus ignoring my own needs. I now see more opportunities to speak about what is going on for me and to take a closer look. “The workshop is not wishy washy at all and the trainer is to the point and makes things concrete.” – Christel

For Whom

If you find it difficult to express your anger in a good way or if you want to learn to respond better to someone else’s anger. This can be applied to different situations and relationships; at work, at home, with your partner, your children or with the neighbors and so on. This workshop will show you where to see the silver lining.

“You learn to recognize the cause of anger (which is an unmet need). You learn to express this in a constructive way (we both are okay but struggling through some confusion at the moment). You learn to see snide comments from someone else as a hand grenade that you can either pick up or not (and it feels great if you don’t). I am less insecure by (the nagging thought about if I am doing it right disappears). I feel free and more curious. I would love to give everyone the opportunity to be enriched in this way.” – Marianne


This training may be given several times a year. Each training day lasts from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. When registering you indicate which start date you choose.

You can choose from the following start dates and locations:

At this moment, no date is available. Contact us to be kept informed.


For this workshop, you pay € 165, -. For this, you get extensive knowledge, insight and valuable exercises during a whole day, including coffee, tea, and lunch. At the end of the workshop, you will handle anger better and be more confident in relationships.

With the manual you receive, you will be able to go over the material at your leisure later.

This training is exempt from sales tax for training in The Netherlands. In Canada, GST will be added.

“I now see anger very differently and don’t think it will bother me so much any more. How amazing that something that seems so negative can be turned into a positive outcome.” – Ben van Meerdonk

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