With Nonviolent and Effective Communication you learn to get the best out of relationships and yourself. It makes you a well-balanced happy person and this has a positive impact on everyone around you. You learn how this works in the Connecting Communication course. The training consists of three consecutive parts.
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Part 2: Insight

About the ‘ Nonviolent and Effective Communication 2’ training

In this training, you will work deepening your insight. Nonviolent and Effective Communication 2 aims to go deeper into the dynamics of relationships and communication and is designed to further anchor and expand the skills acquired during Nonviolent and Effective Communication 1.

We will use previously acquired skills to go deeper and build on the foundation of Nonviolent and Effective Communication 1. The acquired skills can then be applied directly to both your work and private life.

This is a 6-day training. Every training day has a specific central topic. The training days are spaced over 3 months in spring and 3 months in autumn. The time between the training days and the spacing over a longer period of time gives you plenty of opportunities to experiment with the lessons learned.

The following topics are covered:

  • Intimate relationships
  • Dealing with anger
  • Feedback
  • Empathy and self-empathy
  • When life is turned upside down
  • Expressing appreciation

“Thank you, Govert, for your fantastic training. Very professionally and lovingly you have shown me a new way through Nonviolent and Effective Communication. Both your practice and theory were very clear and instructive.” – Hen Stille

For Whom

You learned the basics of Nonviolent and Effective Communication during the Nonviolent and Effective Communication 1: Foundation, or an equivalent training (practice group or any other multi-day basic training Nonviolent Communication).

“I got to know myself better and made huge progress and that won’t stop. Because of this, my work will be more profound and enjoyable.”  – Helen


This is a 6-day training and is given over the course of approximately 9 months of which 3 months in spring and 3 months in autumn. Each training day is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The next training will be given on the following dates:


For this second part of the training, you pay € 820, -. Spaced over 6 days you will get extensive knowledge, insight and valuable exercise, including 1 hour of intervision/peer supervision. With the manual you receive, you will be able to go over the material at your leisure later. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of participation (PC II = Proficiency Certificate II). If you applied for PE credits (Permanent Education) when you enrolled, this information will be passed on to the relevant organization for you. For mediators, the MfN charges a fee of approximately € 75, – that is not included in the above.

This training is exempt from sales tax for training in The Netherlands. In Canada, GST will be added. Payment in instalments is possible. A € 30, – administration fee will be charged for this service. The first instalment must be paid before the start of the training and following instalments as per agreement. You pay the first instalment of 25% of the above amount € 205,00 + € 30,00 = € 235,00 via Creditcard, Paypal, e-transfer, or cheque after you have requested this service when you enroll and then will receive an additional invoice by email with the payment arrangement.

Employer pays?

If your employer has an education budget you want to use send me a message through the contact form below mentioning the name of the training / workshop you want to enrol in, the desired start date, the name of your manager/employer, the company name and the possible reference number that your employer may require, and the email address I can send it to. After receiving this information your employer will receive an invoice as soon as possible.

“This training has increased my self-knowledge, and improved my communication skills and general attitude to life.” – Dick

Accreditation & PE points

Mediators can find more information about the PE-program by clicking on the Mediator II training.

Interpreters and translators: Bureau BTV has designated the Nonviolent and Effective Communication training II: Insight as a PE activity. Interpreters and translators registered with the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators in The Netherlands are awarded 34 PE points in the category A to D for participation in this training.

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