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Convincing people to see things differently doesn’t work that well and often changes little. Apart from working on the energy system through the body, an approach that creates perceptional and behavioral change is necessary to create lasting change. An empathic approach and needs based coaching changes everything. Motivating people from within, identifying the need they have and are not aware of, opens the possibility for better and more functional strategies. Truly helping your client take control of their life again.



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In-company training and accredited
company training

For companies, Govert offers customized training to suit your specific needs. Govert also provides accredited (in-company) training for mediators, interpreters, and other professionals.

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Govert van Ginkel provides services for a number of companies, among which:

  • ING
  • SNS
  • P&O Ferries
  • Statoil
  • NVNF
  • WBV Hoek van Holland
  • Welzijn Divers
  • Bellissima
  • GGD
  • Arcus College
  • Brandweer