"Getting a grip on “difficult people”, is that possible?" That may be your first reaction. In this workshop, you will see that you certainly can!
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Coming to grips with difficult people

“Getting a grip on “difficult people”, is that even possible?” This may be your first reaction. In this workshop, you will see that you certainly can! The most important thing you need is understanding the dynamics of the relationship. Once you understand the situation you will feel confident and be able to respond in a productive way. Creating a positive outcome becomes so much easier. This workshop offers you the insights and tools to exert a positive influence in difficult situations.


Are you dealing with “difficult people”, bad behaviour or annoying reactions from people a lot? It is very common when you do not always know how to respond. For example, you may be facing dissatisfied customers or colleagues in your work. But it also may involve a difficult situation with friends or family.

This workshop will teach you how to deal with this. You will get insight into the origins of difficult encounters and what makes the situation so difficult. We will use hands-on challenging exercises in which you’ll learn to use practical tools that give you a grip on the situation.

“This workshop gave me the insight I needed and I recognized a lot about myself and ‘difficult’ others that helped me find a new opening.” – Arianne

For Whom

Are you dealing with difficult customers, colleagues, family members or friends? Do you find it difficult and exhausting to deal with it and are you looking for a better solution? Then this workshop is for you.

“I gained a better understanding of behavioral patterns.” – Marcel


This training may be given several times a year. A training day is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. When registering you indicate which start date you choose.

You can choose from the following start dates and locations:

At this moment, no date is available. Contact us to be kept informed.


For this 3-hour workshop, you pay € 85, -. For this, you get extensive knowledge, insight and valuable exercises. At the end of the workshop, you will have a better grip on difficult situations and people.

With the manual you receive, you will be able to go over the material at your leisure later.

This training is exempt from sales tax for training in The Netherlands. In Canada, GST will be added.

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