Endless bickering, recurring discussions, annoying tensions in valuable relationships. In this training, you will learn how this kind of situation arises and how you go back to a productive dialogue.
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About the training

Do you know the awful feeling you can have when you or people around you always seem to end up in a heated discussion with each other? Everyone fighting for what they think is right, defending their own truth or innocence, and no one achieving anything. Often people are also unintentionally hurt while doing so. This is painful to all as no one wanted this to happen. So afterward or observing this as an outsider you think ‘Why is this happening?’.

In this training, you will learn to find answers to this question, based on the concept of the Drama Triangle. This will show you how miscommunication happens or when relationships derail. Once you realize how it works, you can make a new choice in these situations. You do not have to get involved or be sucked into it. In fact, you can learn to turn the whole situation from an argument into an understanding dialogue, or the Winner’s Triangle. Everyone will be better off.


“My whole attitude towards communication has changed and as a result, I have achieved much more than before, when I had no idea, that, in a different way than I had learned in the past, communication is possible. I feel better, I am more relaxed, I sleep a lot better and achieve more results.” – Fred

For Whom

You may want to avoid or end quarreling at work, or for example with your in-laws. Maybe it only happens with certain friends or colleagues that you ‘suddenly’ experience tension in a discussion. But also when you recognize that avoiding confrontation doesn’t solve things and you have decided you want to engage in open conversation to resolve matters.

In short, if you want to learn about the cause of ‘drama’ or miscommunication and how it escalates, then this training is definitely recommended. Based on the insight you will gain, you will learn to turn the situation into a productive dialogue.


“This training gives you tools to analyze your own communication and to address points for improvement.” – Helen


This is a 1-day training given on different dates over the year.
The training day is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The next training will be given on the following dates:


For this training, you pay € 165, -. You will get extensive knowledge, insight and valuable exercise during a whole day of group engagement, coffee/tea, and lunch. Participation will bring you from a place of conflict to understanding and a joint achievement. With the manual you receive, you will be able to go over the material at your leisure later. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of participation.

If you applied for PE credits (Permanent Education) when you enrolled, this information will be passed on to the relevant organization for you. This training is exempt from sales tax for training in The Netherlands. In Canada, GST will be added.


“A fascinating educational workshop that touches the core of the issue and lingers in a fun way and with humor in your mind.” – Patrick


Employer pays?

If your employer has an education budget you want to use send me a message through the contact form below mentioning the name of the training / workshop you want to enrol in, the desired start date, the name of your manager/employer, the company name and the possible reference number that your employer may require, and the email address I can send it to. After receiving this information your employer will receive an invoice as soon as possible.


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